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Merry Christmas

In celebration of this festive season, our artists have illustrated what makes Christmas special to them.

Blindsalida, 'Christmas is all about gifts, isn't it?'

Garry Parsons, 'Gathering together friends and family at Christmas has to be the best part of the season.'

Marc Arundale, 'Father Christmas is such a strong Christmas favourite with his presents for the children and his reindeer sleigh!' 

Cristina Guitian, 'I like the festive feel of Christmas and when people are happy together, as simple as that!'

Mark Boardman, 'Choosing a Christmas tree is one of my favourite Christmas traditions. No matter what crooked mess you ultimately end up with, they always look great once the decorations are on.'

Ben Scruton, 'I love a Christmas day ride, quiet roads and a guilt-free Christmas dinner to look forward too!" 

Blindsalida Christmas News Item
Garry Parsons Christmas News Item
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