James MacFarlane illustrated this 48 sheet poster for the launch of Tennent’s Original Export in Scotland. James, who specializes in retro poster art, was commissioned to create a vintage style travel poster combining a global and local destination. James’ artwork was part of a larger campaign aimed at highlighting that a local brew, which has done so well across the world is now available to drink at home.

Paul Boston was commissioned to illustrate the cover for ‘Impact’ magazine, the quarterly legal magazine published by Rosenblatt solicitors. Paul created a swarm of butterflies in a range of colours from ‘Cadbury Purple’ to ‘Tiffany Blue’ to illustrate the magazines leading article on disputes over the trade marking of particular colours.


We are extremely excited to announce our latest signing, Doug Sirois. Doug specializes in recreating vintage movie posters of all genres and eras. Early in his career Doug formed a partnership with MGM, to create the basis of his spectacular portfolio. From Brando to Bogart, Spaghetti Western to Musical, Doug has illustrated all the Greats from the Golden Era of Hollywood.

  • June 12th, 2012
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Cristina Guitan has been awarded a Slice D&AD award for the poster she created for the BrainstormShop, a workshop run by Marcelo Pena Costa & Denis Kakazu in Sau Paulo. Cristina was art directed by the creative duo and worked with photographer Manuel Vázquez to create the artwork.

Michael Crampton was commissioned by Walker Books to create the cover artwork for ‘Hero On A Bicycle’ by Shirley Hughes. Michael’s illustration sets the tone for this gripping and moving first novel by one of the world’s best-loved writers for children.