Orange recently commissioned Ben Scruton to illustrate their employee guidelines. Ben’s brief was to “make people smile when they land on each page, at the same time as clearly communicating at a glance what the content on that page is about.”


Michael Crampton was commissioned by Murray Brand Communications, to illustrate the new product packaging for the Willamette Valley Granola Company. Michael was briefed to create vibrant, whimsical outdoor illustrations, which convey the friendly, all natural values of the brand.

Over the past year Andrew Farley has worked with Swedish Shopping Mall Backebol to create artworks for their press and poster campaigns. The idea behind the campaign is that the Shopping Mall is much like a penknife, it has everything you need in one place. Andrew has created a series of knives showcasing this in his trademark style, using his anthropomorphic skills to bring the campaign to life.

Gary Redford has created this stunning artwork celebrating the release of ‘War Horse’ for the latest edition of Time Out London. Gary’s modern vintage style has been widely commissioned across various high profile projects, with a particular emphasis on projects aiming to create a British Heritage feel. Gary’s illustration for Time Out is no exception, his striking artwork beautifully captures the era and emotion of the epic tale.

Pastiche artist Garry Walton has created this brilliant artwork for his regular editorial slot in ‘Your Family Tree’ magazine. Every month Garry is called upon to illustrate a different event from the past in the style relevant to the historical era. Garry’s latest artwork illustrates Women’s Rights becoming law on the 23rd of December 1919 following the work of the Suffragettes.