Comic Book master John Rielly was commissioned by The Insurance Times to create this fantastic Robocop. John’s futuristic hero illustrated an article about using modern technology to fight fraud.

We are very excited to welcome Cristina Guitian to the agency. After studying at Escuela de Arte 10 in her home town of Madrid, Cristina moved to London to begin her career as an illustrator. Since then, clients across the globe have commissioned Cristina to create illustrations for a vast range of projects. Cristina’s inimitable thinking and focus on the unusual have led her to create some extraordinary artworks. The strength of Cristina’s surrealist concepts enables her work to transcend media platforms, with her illustrations being used across print, digital and ambient campaigns. Cristina’s client list includes The Guardian, Virgin Media, Nike, Diesel, Savanna Dry Cider, Headspace, AMC Hospital, Saatchi & Saatchi Cape Town, BBH, Draft FCB, JWT and Digitas.

To find out more about Cristina’s creative process, we asked her the following questions….

What inspires you?

I’ve always felt that I grew up in a world too focused on homogenising everyone. My reaction is an urge to celebrate the unusual and the diverse, individuality and above all authenticity.

I am fascinated by the past, the passage of time and memories. London is a great place for these… Recently my personal work is turning towards sculpture that I create out of found objects. I often visit car boot sales and skips, finding great satisfaction in rescuing things from the rubbish and giving them a new life.

Why did you decided to become a professional artist?

After high school I decided not to go to University because I didn’t know what I wanted to study. I tried different jobs but I kept feeling unsatisfied. One day I started drawing, and I discovered how much I loved it. It was the only place where I could be completely myself. Nowadays developing my art feeds my illustration work. A lot of the work I produce is not for money but for personal development. My work is also my hobby. 

What’s your working process?

When I work on a commission I always start by doing research about the brief, collecting information and references. Without forming any idea of what I am going to draw, I start doodling letting my imagination play and explore. Eventually I find a way of interpreting the brief that feels right, so I take it on and develop it further.

How would you describe your work?

Imaginative, surreal, lighthearted, celebratory.

What’s your dream project?

Every project where I have enough creative freedom to push my imagination a bit further.

Pete Harrison created this brilliant artwork for Orbit’s print campaign. Pete combined his Photoshop wizardry with his typography skills to illustrate this clever concept.