Garry Parsons was commissioned to illustrate the story for an episode of CBeebies ‘Driver Dan’s Story Train’ we were so pleased to see the results on screen last week we wanted to give you a sneaky peek into how the magic happens….

Garry is an awarding winning Children’s book illustrator. He has written and illustrated many books, which have become firm favourites in homes across the country, making him the perfect choice to illustrate a story for Driver Dan to read to the nations little ones.

Like all project’s, this one started off with a written brief from the Art Director at the production company. This brief was a little more prescriptive than usual given the very specific production requirements of the television series. Garry’s artworks needed to work as a traditional story book and as a back drop for live action filming.  There were various things Garry had to take into consideration, the most important being laying out the page with enough blank space for the live action film to be placed over the top.

After reading the story Garry’s first step was character development. Getting the characters right is key to a great picture book, so Garry created some pencil sketches of the two main characters to share with the Art Director.

Garry’s sketches hit the nail on the head first time so he then cracked on with creating rough sketches for each scene.  Garry was provided with rough layouts from the Art Director to help with the placement of the objects. He used these as the basis for his sketches and set about making the story come to life.

The Art Director reviewed the sketches and came back with a few small tweaks and comments, which Garry took on board as he began to produce the final artwork. Garry creates his artwork in photoshop, he works over his pencil sketches, refining the line work and adding in lots of lovely rich textures and colours.

Once the final artwork had been supplied, the production team worked their magic and several months later Drive Dan was reading the story to millions of Children across the country.

Click here to see Garry’s artwork in motion!

Cristina Guitian’s awesome mural at the AMC Hospital in Amsterdam impressed us so much we wanted to give you an insight into how such an amazing piece of artwork is created.

Speaking of the project, Cristina says “The result is a representation of the human body where the limbs extend the whole length of the corridors. The artwork was hand-drawn in my studio in London, digitally coloured, printed on transparent sticker and then pasted on the glass offices of the hospital. Different textures, such as semitransparent frost and opaque white, are used throughout resulting in changes of appearance in the daylight and with the opening and closing of doors.”

Below is snapshot of Cristina’s working process, from sketchbook, to planning to the installation final artwork.

Cristina is currently working on an exciting new project for  The Vintage Festival at The South Bank Centre.

Gary Redford is one of the agencies newest recruits and has proved to be instantly popular. Gary’s graphic style is heavily influenced by the poster art of the early 20th century, which gives his contemporary artworks a fantastic retro feel. Gary’s work has a broad appeal and has been commissioned widely across advertising, publishing and design projects. Gary’s client list includes, Debenhams, Kellogg’s, KLP Euro RSCG, McVities Foods, Tourism Texas, Virgin and Winalot.


Commissioned for this weeks Time Out magazine, John Rielly was the perfect choice to create the comic book inspired artwork for the front cover .


We are delighted to welcome Tony McSweeney to the agency. Pastiche artist Tony studied illustration at the Royal College of Art before embarking on a career as a professional artist. With over 20 years experience in the industry, one of Tony’s many specialisms is British comic art. In homage to the Tate’s ‘Rude Britannia’ exhibition here are a couple of ‘Naughties’ that Gillray would have been proud of.TM

With over 20 years of industry experience Andrew has been represented by the Meiklejohn Agency since 1980. Best known for his caricatures of both humans and animals, Andrew has created illustrations for leading advertising, design and publishing clients worldwide. His client list includes Young Advertising, Draft Worldwide, Mainostoimisto Skandaali, Oy Finnet International, Leo Burnett, Steam UK, Euro RSCG, Valio Oy, Penguin, Egmont, Hodder and Puffin Books.

Andrew Farley - Artist of the Month

Andrew Farley - Artist of the Month 2

Warren is the original fine art forger, he is responsible for some of the most iconic interpretations of work from the Old Masters. Clients include Stella Artois, Guinness, Persil, Tennents Extra, Planters, Glenfiddich, American Express, Knorr and Martell. Warren Madill - Pastiche

James Macfarlane is one of our most experienced artists having joined the agency in 1977. James’ ever popular Art Deco style of the 1920′s and 30′s has been widely commissioned for national and international advertising campaigns, corporate material, publishing projects and bespoke prints throughout the years.


To find out more about James’ creative process, we asked him the following questions…

How would you describe your work?

I like to evoke a feel for the past, and that very stylish Art Deco elegance.

What’s your working process?

I like to work the old fashioned way with paint and brush. I use gouche which is the medium used in the 20-30s, so the feel I get in the paintings are as near as possible to that era.

What are your inspirations and creative influences?

I have always been fascinated by the 1920-30s, and especially Art Deco. From a very early age I liked Art Deco buildings, particularly I remember being taken to Dudley Zoo which had fantastic Art deco entrance gates, I think these made more of an impression than the animals! From there my interests went towards graphic design and especially posters and illustration, with artists such as Cassandre, Tom Purvis, Ludwig Hohlwein and Walter Spradbury. I’ve always had an interest in cars, and they form a large part of my current work.

What’s your dream project?

I don’t really have a dream project, I just enjoy what I’m doing and feel very lucky that I get paid for doing something I enjoy.

From the typically British ‘Boys Own’ style to the black and white scraperboard style, Piers’ art can take on a modern twist with a nod to the past. Clients include Applied Learning, British Airways, Country Life, Esquire and GQ magazines. Piers Sanford - Pastiche Special

Paul joined the agency in 2003 after studying illustration and sequential design at Brighton University. Paul has worked on a variety of projects across publishing and advertising medias. Paul’s client list includes DLKW, Saatchi and Saatchi Dubai, Mars, Vodafone, Barclays, Sainsburys, John Murray Publishing, The Guardian, Conde Naste Traveller and Reader’s Digest to name but a few.

Please find below a selection of Paul’s work. Paul Boston - Artist of the Month

Artist Insight

To find out more about Paul’s creative process, we asked him the following questions….

How would you describe your work? I’m sure art directors have a word for my sort of work, but they won’t ever tell me what it is! Wholesome – entertaining – slightly retro?

What’s your working process? Bic ballpoint (medium black) – scanner – Photo Shop.

What are your inspirations and creative influences? 1950′s children’s books, 1930′s ‘modern’ technology, antique maps and diagrams, C17 engravings, gothic art and Japanese prints.

What’s your dream project? Of course a big poster campaign would be great or the cover of a much loved and deeply respected novel!