Adrian Chesterman was commissioned by Chester Zoo to illustrate this amazing bus wrap. Adrian was briefed to create an artwork, which gave the illusion of one the Zoo’s largest pythons crushing the bus. Project Manager, Jennifer Tegg, said “we are delighted with the result. It not only helps us to attract the attention of the public, but will also hopefully encourage people to use the Park and Ride bus to visit the zoo.”

Here is Pete Harrison’s fantastic cover artwork for ‘Romeo Spikes’ by Joanne Reay. Pete designed the tattoo around key elements from the story and then illustrated it over a photograph to create this striking image.

Pete Harrison created this brilliant artwork for Orbit’s print campaign. Pete combined his Photoshop wizardry with his typography skills to illustrate this clever concept.

Phil has been commissioned for a series of photo realistic artworks for Dahls Bakery for their national advertising campaign.  With each illustration celebrating the latest calendar event in bread form.

Phil schramm

Phil Schramm was commissoined to illustrate the covers of Mal Peets latest novels.


48 sheet poster advertisement for Fenwick’s Christmas Campaign.Phil Schramm for Fenwick

Commissioned to create the hyper real liquid artwork for Symonds …… Phil Schramm’s artwork hit the spot.


Just looking at Phil Schramm‘s work makes us thirsty, so it’s understandable why Phil was chosen to create these amazing images for Diageo’s ‘Quality Classics’ Campaign. Phil was briefed to illustrate the ampersand shapes out of streams of various spirits and mixers. He created the visuals using a combination of 3D modeling and photography.
Phil Schramm for Diageo

With 20 years experience, Phil is one of the industries original and best photo realistic illustrators. Phil began his career working traditionally with paint and paper but now works with both two and three dimensional digital software to create the perfect image. Whether it’s photo manipulation, hyperrealism or producing the perfect shot without expensive photography costs, Phil can create what may seem impossible or just simply stunning mouth watering shots. Phil’s extensive client list includes, Bulmers Cider, Absolute Vodka, Fosters, The Financial Times, Lexus, The COI, Tesco, Volvic, Pizza Hut, Lay Crisps, Peugeot, Amoy, Volkswagen, Classic Ice Cream, Old El Passo, Danone and Natwest. Phil Schramm - Artist of the Month

Poster image by Phil commissioned by YoungEuro RSCG Advertising
for Magners Irish Cider. Phil Schramm for Magners Irish Cider