Michael Crampton has created the artwork for the new packaging of Olive Coast Kettle Cooked Chips. Michael was asked to create an illustration, which evoked a Mediterranean coastal village to highlight how the product is made with olive oil and all natural ingredients.


Edmond Davis has illustrated the fabulous ‘Human Body Factory’, published by Kingfisher. Edmond created a whole army of workers to illustrate this amazing guide to the human body. From workers wearing biohazard suits in the large intestine to lab workers in dinghies mixing gastric juices in the stomach, Edmonds artworks give an amusing insight into how the body works. Each of Edmond’s artworks is lovingly hand drawn with the most incredible amount of detail. Edmonds engaging style is perfect for reference books for Children.

Ben Scruton worked with the Direction Group to create this promotional animation for Plantronics. Ben was filmed drawing as well as providing files for traditional animation to create this fabulous online advert.

Nick Chaffe was commissioned by Amstel to illustrate their ‘Savour Complexity’ campaign. Nick was briefed to “Reveal the complexity behind simple or common things in a surprising, graphic and entertaining way.” Nick’s illustrations were used across billboards, digital and mobile banners, and in-bar materials in the US.

  • July 04th, 2012
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Two of our artists, Garry Walton (top) and Gary Redford (bottom) were commissioned by Lotus Formula 1 to illustrate some of the teams greatest victories. The artworks are part of a limited edition commemorative poster set, celebrating the 500th Grand Prix of the team.