• July 27th, 2011
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Cristina Guitian along with 4 other artists and designers has been invited to customize a table tennis table each as part of the Exhibition Match event at The Vintage Festival at The South Bank Centre.

“For Exhibition Match, Cristina’s obsession with collecting things she finds (some would call them vintage items, some would call them pieces of rubbish…), morphs the traditional table tennis set up into a customized playground full of reminders from our past, obstructing our future.”

Exhibition Match artists include: 
Cristina Guitian,
 Kelly Hoppen, 
Wayne Hemingway, 
William Hardie and 
Will Nash.

The Exhibition Match Open Tournament is part of Vintage at Southbank. It will take place just outside the Hayward Gallery, at the Southbank Centre on the 29th, 30th, 31st July 2011. The tables will be open for visitors to play on for free over the three days from 12am till 6pm. There will also be exhibition matches featuring special guests and past and future stars of UK table tennis.

Michael Crampton has illustrated the first two books covers in the ‘Blotto, Twinks’ series by Simon Brett. Michael’s retro style was the perfect choice for these rip roaring adventures set in the 1920′s.

Garry Parsons papercut artworks are exhibited as part of the Clifford Chance Annual Pride Art Exhibition at Canary Wharf. The exhibition is a joint art show with the Clifford Chance New York offices with the London component curated by Michael Petry. The London exhibition features a mix of abstract, conceptual and figurative works by Guy Burch, Maya Chowdhry, Åsa Johannesson, Garry Parsons, Caroline Smith, Robert Taylor and Konrad Wyrebek.

The papercut artworks with their flying monsters, dragons, and skulls evoke South East Asian and Mexican celebrations and traditions.  Well worth the visit, not only for the fabulous artwork but for the spectacular views of the city form the 30th floor.

This is your last chance to see the exhibition as it ends on the 28th July.  Viewing is by appointment only, Fridays 12:00 -18:00.

Address: 10 Upper Bank St, E14 5JJ. Tel: 020 7006 5384

Cristina Guitian’s awesome mural at the AMC Hospital in Amsterdam impressed us so much we wanted to give you an insight into how such an amazing piece of artwork is created.

Speaking of the project, Cristina says “The result is a representation of the human body where the limbs extend the whole length of the corridors. The artwork was hand-drawn in my studio in London, digitally coloured, printed on transparent sticker and then pasted on the glass offices of the hospital. Different textures, such as semitransparent frost and opaque white, are used throughout resulting in changes of appearance in the daylight and with the opening and closing of doors.”

Below is snapshot of Cristina’s working process, from sketchbook, to planning to the installation final artwork.

Cristina is currently working on an exciting new project for  The Vintage Festival at The South Bank Centre.

Garry Parsons has illustrated the cover of New York Times best selling author Meg Wolitzer’s latest novel ‘The Fingertips of Duncan Dorfman’. Garry’s cover illustration features the hero of the story Duncan, who goes on an extraordinary journey with his scrabble super power which allows him to feel words and pictures beneath his fingers and tell what they are without looking.