To launch Harrods’ brand new Pet Kingdom Garry Parsons was commissioned to produce a series of images depicting pets of all shapes, sizes and species. The artwork has been used throughout the department as murals, signage and larger than life sculptures. Garry Parsons for Harrods

Garry Walton was commissioned to illustrate the covers of Cora Harrison’s ‘Burren’ series. Garry’s medieval illustrations were perfect to set the tone for the historical novels.Garry-W-Book-Jackets

Email illustration commissioned by Partners Andrews Aldridge for Vodafone. Paul Boston for Vodafone

Poster artwork by Gary commissioned by YoungEuro RSCG Advertising for Listowel Race Course. Gary West for Listowel Race Course

Character illustrations for Ryanair Magazine. Kevin February for Ryanair Magazine

Illustration by Piers Sanford for Esquire Magazine. Piers Sanford for Esquire Magazine